Interesting Links – 2017/May/25

  • How Fonts are Fueling the Culture Wars is an article talking about, well, font usage and what specific fonts mean, which has only a tangential relation to Java — but think about it in terms of user experience, too. Do you think the user experience of Java communicates a specific mode of thought? If so, what would it be? (And no, “Duhhhh” is not a valid answer!)
  • From DZone: The Soon-to-Be-Hated Object Locator presents a pattern for a type of God Object, except possibly restricted in scope enough to not earn the full derision that a God Object deserves… maybe.
  • Also from DZone: The Genius of the Law of Demeter, an article with far less controversy than a God Object would create. The short form of the Law of Demeter says that you call methods on objects that your class owns directly: this.getFoo().bar() is okay, but this.getFoo().getBar().baz() is not (and, as usual, there’s more to it than this.)
  • Stack Overflow: Helping One Million Developers Exit Vim documents the usage patterns for questions that … help developers exit vim. Vim isn’t especially common for Java developers (although it happens) – but still! What a great editor! How user-friendly does an editor have to be that one in 20000 visits to Stack Overflow is specifically about how to exit the editor? (And now I wonder how many visits are about exiting Emacs, too…)
  • Java 9 expert group minutes: – it’s good to keep up on the current status, because the implications of every choice made are pretty serious. The second set of minutes are also available.
  • vJUG24 is back! (… I didn’t know what this was until someone sent it to me.)

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