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Interesting links podcast, episode 4

Welcome to the fourth ##java podcast. I’m Joseph Ottinger, dreamreal on the IRC channel, and it’s Monday, 2017 October 16. This podcast covers news and interesting things from the ##java IRC channel; if you see something interesting that’s related to Java, feel free to submit it to the channel bot, with ~submit and a URL [...]

Interesting Links podcast, episode 3

Welcome to the third ##java podcast. I’m your host, dreamreal on the IRC channel, and it’s Monday, 2017 October 9. As usual, this podcast is built from interesting content submitted to the channel bot, using the ~submit command. If you’re on the channel, it’s very easy to use: ~submit and a URL is all you [...]

Interesting Links podcast, episode 2

Welcome to the second ##java podcast. We have lots of interesting things to cover, so let’s dive in. Java EE development has moved to the Eclipse Foundation, under the project name “Eclipse Enterprise for Java“, or “EE4J.” Java EE is still the branding for enterprise Java. This move makes Java EE more open; we’ll have [...]

Interesting Links podcast, episode 1

This is the first ##java channel podcast. I decided to do a podcast for a few reasons: probably the most important is that I thought it would save time for me; another reason is that I thought it would be nice to have more of a multimedia approach to propagating information from the channel. I [...]

JarSplice is an application that builds a fat jar, with the main difference being that JarSplice will build invocation scripts and include native resources. The main weaknesses of JarSplice seems to be its lack of build tool integration, its (apparently) unmaintained status, and its lack of source code availability (even though it’s described as being [...]

I recently had a task where I needed to inform a docker image of the host OS’ IP address. (The docker image needed to make an HTTP call to the host machine, for testing purposes.) However, it’s not trivial to find code to actually get a host machine’s IP address. Here’s some code in Kotlin [...]

Interesting Links – 2017/Jun/12

picocli, a command-line parser. Apache-licensed; seems similar to JCommander with fewer dependencies. 9 Logging Sins in your Java Applications details, well, nine possible logging problems. It’s stuff worth thinking about. Five Things You Didn’t Know About… Java Database Connectivity, from IBM developerworks, walks through some things about JDBC that you might not have known. I [...]

Interesting Links – 2017/Jun/5

iciql is a type-safe, model-based wrapper for JDBC… another entry in a fairly large set of libraries designed for that purpose. “Cassandra vs. MongoDB” walks through the two datastores, comparing and contrasting. DZone published “What Archive Format Should You Use, WAR or JAR?“, suggesting that Docker makes .war files more relevant again. Need to extract [...]

Interesting Links – 2017/May/25

How Fonts are Fueling the Culture Wars is an article talking about, well, font usage and what specific fonts mean, which has only a tangential relation to Java — but think about it in terms of user experience, too. Do you think the user experience of Java communicates a specific mode of thought? If so, [...]

Interesting Links – 22/May/2017

Github gets an App Store. Jenetics is an advanced Genetic Algorithm, respectively an Evolutionary Algorithm, library written in modern day Java. Need to run things before or after your unit test executes? Don’t forget the lifecycle annotations, for TestNG and JUnit.