Ask your actual question

If you have a question, please just get to it.
Asking a question like “Does anyone use Eclipse?” is pointless – yes, people use Eclipse. But so what? Chances are you are actually wanting to ask about a specific aspect of Eclipse – and you’re far better served by actually asking your real question.
Ask on the channel – for real. That means not asking via screenshot or screenshare. “Can anyone skype me so I can share my screen” is not asking a question; “I don’t know why my equals() method, shown at, isn’t working” is.
Further, ask in public unless specifically asked otherwise. Asking someone privately means that the channel gets less chance to learn along with you, and no chance to correct poor advice if the one answering you is incorrect.
Keep Asking Smart Questions in mind, and if help is available, you’re likely to get it as quickly as can be offered.