Interesting Links – 2017/Jun/12

Interesting Links – 2017-jan-23

  • Is it me, or is it actually ironic that the website for Rome (a utility library for RSS) doesn’t have an associated RSS feed?
  • The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data’s unifying abstraction, submitted by user whaley, is an excellently written article that discusses logs in the context of distributed systems – where the log is king, whether you use it or not. It’s a fantastic summary of distributed data processing from the standpoint of the technologies that the technique rely upon.
  • What Happens When You Mix Java with a 1960 IBM Mainframe which discusses a presentation by US Government employee Marianne Berlotti. In it, she describes Java having been used to serve as an integration layer between thoroughly modern technology and mainframes from the distant past (including providing a layer between JDBC and an IMS database – and for some reason, your author has a true fondness for heirarchical databases.) Neat stuff, even though the Java applications serve as performance problems in the architecture.

From Apache: Log4J 1 end-of-lifed; update to Log4J 2 recommended

On 5 Aug 2015, the Apache Foundation announced that Log4J 1, the popular logging framework, has been end-of-lifed, meaning that no future releases are expected and maintenance and support have been discontinued.
Migration to Log4J 2 is enabled through the use of a Log4J 1.X bridge, as described in a short FAQ about the EOL of Log4J 1:

Q: Is there a way to quickly migrate from Log4j 1.x to Log4j 2.x?
A: Yes, you can use the Log4j 1.x bridge You must use this bridge without Log4j 1 jars in your application’s classpath. The bridge forwards all requests to Log4j 1 to Log4j 2.

Which logging framework do you prefer, and why?