Interesting Links – 26 Sep 2016

  • Oh, shit, git! is a site that shows a number of common things git users say, as well as how to fix the situations that cause them. Note that the title indicates that the readers are expected to be of age. Some examples:
    • Oh shit, I did something terribly wrong, please tell me git has a magic time machine!?!
    • Oh shit, I committed and immediately realized I need to make one small change!
    • Oh shit, I need to change the message on my last commit!
    • Oh shit, I accidentally committed something to master that should have been on a brand new branch!
    • Oh shit, I accidentally committed to the wrong branch!
    • Oh shit, I tried to run a diff but nothing happened?!
    • F*ck this noise, I give up.
      It’s worth noting that your editor has used at least a variant of all of these statements, most of them even in recent memory.
  • User whaley, in a moment when he wasn’t accompanied by roosters, cows, and goats, pointed out “Suffering-oriented programming“, saying that it convinced him that “make it work, make it pretty, make it fast” is the right approach, as compared to “make it work, make it fast, make it pretty.” Good read.
  • From Reddit: “Recaf is an open-source framework for authoring extensions (dialects) as libraries for Java. You can redefine every major syntactic element of the language, either add new ones or create your own flavor of Java that matches your needs. It can be used to give syntactic support to libraries, to generate and instrument code. Last but not least you can experiment with the design and implementation of Java extensions in plain Java.” Seems like another tool to compete (sort of) with Lombok and Autovalue.