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Interesting Links – 26 Sep 2016

Oh, shit, git! is a site that shows a number of common things git users say, as well as how to fix the situations that cause them. Note that the title indicates that the readers are expected to be of age. Some examples: Oh shit, I did something terribly wrong, please tell me git has [...]

Interesting Links, 15 Sep 2016

It may be a little early to suggest that Eclipse is dead, but "The Fall of Eclipse" says it anyway, and says why. The Eclipse community would disagree, of course. User liste pointed out MariaDB4j, which is... MariaDB embedded into a jar, suitable for integration testing with MariaDB in a build tool. Sure, H2 and [...]

Interesting Links, 2016 Sep 13

Technical Itch: JVM guaranteed safepoints, Safepoints in HotSpot JVM, and Dynamic Deoptimization came up in conversation. javap.yawk.at - selckin says it's basically "take a peek under the hood at the java bytecode for fun and profit." Interesting site, though, it basically runs javap and procyon (a java decompiler) over submitted code and shows you the [...]

What you want to have to develop Java

Recently a user asked what they would need to know to develop a "small web application" using Java, including a database. This is not a good question, really, but IRC user surial gave a lot of relevant information that's worth preserving and adding to. This is not what surial said - if you're interested in [...]

Interesting Links, 14 April 2016

Natty is a natural language date parser written in Java. The idea is that you feed it corpora like "1984/04/02", "february twenty-eighth", or "3 days from now", and get back a list of potential matching Date objects. It is not designed to pull dates out of natural language - for that you'd want something like [...]

Byte Order Marks (BOM)

The so-called Byte Order Mark is a special unicode character that has no visual representation. The point of it, is to start your text data with this pseudocharacter; it serves as a way to identify "Endianness" - that the text is encoded with UTF-16 (Little Endian), or UTF-16 (Big Endian), or UTF-8. Java handles it [...]

Interesting Links, 28 Mar 2016

The Apache Foundation has announced the release of PDFBox 2.0. Apache PDFBox allows for the "creation of new PDF documents, manipulation, rendering, signing of existing documents and the ability to extract content from documents." TechEmpower's Web Framework Benchmarks features Rapidoid as the fastest web framework - and Rapidoid is written in Java. It's worth noting [...]

Interesting Links, 17 Mar 2016

This list was originally supposed to be published over a week ago, but life's been busy. Sorry, folks! Happy St. Patrick's Day! A succesful Git branching model considered harmful is a response to another article, A successful Git branching model. Both models can work; which one works better for you depends on a lot of [...]

Interesting Links, 1 Mar 2016

Happy March 1, it's April Fool's Day! Oh, wait... From ##java itself: Anthaas_> 99.7% of people who say C++ is faster are not capable of using the highly-skilled techniques required to make that true. Now, about how he collected the data to validate that statement... Gradle.org posted "Gradle vs Maven Feature Comparison", with a description [...]

External Program Invocation in Java

Users who wish to shell out a Java program may be tempted to use Runtime.exec(), which yields a Process. They probably should use zt-exec instead. However, for those who think that using a separate library for something so "simple" is overkill, please read on. Java does not invoke a shell - Java uses execve(). This [...]