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Interesting Links – 24 Oct 2016

The Way of the Lambda - Elegant and Efficient discusses using Java 8's removeIf to remove elements from collections, as opposed to removing them via an iterator, and shows graphs to show the improvement. One claim (via Reddit) was that it was O(1) but here the claim is a little more reasonable. Another thing from [...]

Interesting Links – 21 October 2016

Everything is fine with JavaScript - hold on, I know, this is a Java blog! But it's okay. Trust me. This post says a lot about JavaScript - but a lot of it is also very transferable to the Java ecosystem. One headline stands out: "If someone is holier-than-thou about technology choices, they’re wrong and [...]

Interesting Links – 17 Oct 2016

JEP 295: Ahead-of-Time Compilation offers deployers a chance to compile the base Java modules to native code. This can save time on some optimizations, but it's understandably limited (and should be). The Halstead Metrics (also known as "Halsted metrics") discusses code complexity in Java. Worth considering; this particular explanation comes courtesy of JHawk, a commercial [...]

Interesting Links – 5 Oct 2016

In Accounts is Everything Meteor Does Right, Pete Corey points out that Meteor's Accounts package dictates how user authentication and authorization will work, period, and that this removal of choice actually makes it entirely usable. Having wrestled with Shiro and Crowd and Spring Security and JAAS, it's a point that's hard to argue with - [...]

Interesting Links – 3 Oct 2016

User MarkyC showed Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Phone Numbers, in response to a query about what data types were useful for storing phone numbers. Channel consensus was to do what was necessary, but usually: String. From Reddit, OpenJDK6 End of Life details how the open source OpenJDK6 is reaching its end of life, years after [...]

Interesting Links – 29 Sep 2016

The reflections project scans your classpath, indexes the metadata, allows you to query it on runtime and may save and collect that information for many modules within your project. "try { return } finally {}" demonstrates what happens when a finally block modifies a reference that's being returned in the try block. It's rather interesting. [...]

Interesting Links – 26 Sep 2016

Oh, shit, git! is a site that shows a number of common things git users say, as well as how to fix the situations that cause them. Note that the title indicates that the readers are expected to be of age. Some examples: Oh shit, I did something terribly wrong, please tell me git has [...]

Interesting Links, 15 Sep 2016

It may be a little early to suggest that Eclipse is dead, but "The Fall of Eclipse" says it anyway, and says why. The Eclipse community would disagree, of course. User liste pointed out MariaDB4j, which is... MariaDB embedded into a jar, suitable for integration testing with MariaDB in a build tool. Sure, H2 and [...]

Interesting Links, 2016 Sep 13

Technical Itch: JVM guaranteed safepoints, Safepoints in HotSpot JVM, and Dynamic Deoptimization came up in conversation. javap.yawk.at - selckin says it's basically "take a peek under the hood at the java bytecode for fun and profit." Interesting site, though, it basically runs javap and procyon (a java decompiler) over submitted code and shows you the [...]

What you want to have to develop Java

Recently a user asked what they would need to know to develop a "small web application" using Java, including a database. This is not a good question, really, but IRC user surial gave a lot of relevant information that's worth preserving and adding to. This is not what surial said - if you're interested in [...]