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EJB Injection in JSP with Java EE 7

User suexec asked ##java about accessing an EJB from a JSP template. User dreamreal (i.e., your author) put together a simple application (rather imaginatively called "suexec-war" ) to explore the possibilities. The application was built from Adam Bien's minimalistic Java EE 7 Maven archetype, deployed into Wildfly 10.0. It turns out that to the best [...]

Interesting Links – 18 Nov 2016

Today's apparently a Microsoft edition of the interesting links! Almost everything relates back to them this time... From wyvern: "The Error Model" is an article discussing... exceptions. Exception handling and the "checked or unchecked" question is (still) controversial in Java; article provides some interesting context on error handling approaches, and explains how error handling evolved [...]

Interesting Links – 15 Nov 2016

Big news: JRebel 7 has been released, with a new agent enabling you to change class hierarchy and interface implementations on the fly. For Spring it now also supports reconfiguring dependency injection in non-singleton scoped beans. From Light Java, "JEE is dead." Misses a lot of history - blames Java EE for WebLogic's speed and [...]

Interesting Links – 8 Nov 2017

From ernimril: a video! CppCon 2016: Jason Turner “Rich Code for Tiny Computers: A Simple Commodore 64 Game in C++17” is an hour and twenty minutes of Jason Turner talking about writing a game for the Commodore 64 using, surprise, C++17 and translating to 6502 assembly. (Play at 1.25x speed to save some time - [...]

Interesting Links – 4 Nov 2016

Oh, boy, a bunch of releases: Guava 20, the ultra-useful third-party library for Java that virtually everyone can and should be willing to use, has been released... MongoDB 3.4, the NoSQL document database used by jabavot and many others, has been released... LWJGL 3.1.0, the lightweight java graphics library, has been released... Finally, DZone publishes [...]

kumuluzEE is "A lightweight framework for developing microservices using standard Java EE technologies and migrating existing Java EE applications to microservices." It's not immediately clear from the web page what makes it ideal for migrating to microservices, but there it is. "Don't Even use COUNT(*) For Primary Key Existence Checks" has some valuable performance advice, [...]

Interesting Links – 24 Oct 2016

The Way of the Lambda - Elegant and Efficient discusses using Java 8's removeIf to remove elements from collections, as opposed to removing them via an iterator, and shows graphs to show the improvement. One claim (via Reddit) was that it was O(1) but here the claim is a little more reasonable. Another thing from [...]

Interesting Links – 21 October 2016

Everything is fine with JavaScript - hold on, I know, this is a Java blog! But it's okay. Trust me. This post says a lot about JavaScript - but a lot of it is also very transferable to the Java ecosystem. One headline stands out: "If someone is holier-than-thou about technology choices, they’re wrong and [...]

Interesting Links – 17 Oct 2016

JEP 295: Ahead-of-Time Compilation offers deployers a chance to compile the base Java modules to native code. This can save time on some optimizations, but it's understandably limited (and should be). The Halstead Metrics (also known as "Halsted metrics") discusses code complexity in Java. Worth considering; this particular explanation comes courtesy of JHawk, a commercial [...]

Interesting Links – 5 Oct 2016

In Accounts is Everything Meteor Does Right, Pete Corey points out that Meteor's Accounts package dictates how user authentication and authorization will work, period, and that this removal of choice actually makes it entirely usable. Having wrestled with Shiro and Crowd and Spring Security and JAAS, it's a point that's hard to argue with - [...]