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LinkedList vs. ArrayList

Recently, The Java Programmer published “Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList in Java“, asserting different cases of when to prefer one List implementation over another. It’s a link full of conventional wisdom, and while it has some good information, it’s also wrong. Here’s the channel’s factoid on LinkedList, as of 2017/Apr/25 (prior to it having been [...]

Immutability in Java

Recently in ##java, we had a discussion on what constitutes “immutability” and how to implement it in java properly. Immutability is a core concept for functional programming, and as mainstream languages and ecosystems “catch up” with the safer, less error-prone ideas from functional programming, immutability is wanted in Java projects as well. What is immutability? [...]

Interesting Links, 2017-Feb-23

Maven Polyglot: replacing pom.xml with Clojure, Scala, or Groovy Script shows how you can, well, replace the XML configuration for a Maven project with a configuration in another language. This also provides some imperative-ish features to Maven projects, plus no XML except for a short description of the scripting language. How does a relational database [...]

Interesting Links – 14-Feb-2017

From DZone: Distributed Systems Done Right: Embracing the Actor Model is a reference to a webinar (ugh, “webinar”) from Lightbend on, well, the Actor Model, a way of representing distributed services. Powerful model, even if you don’t use Actors as described. TwelveMonkeys is a set of additional plug-ins and extensions for Java’s ImageIO. It includes [...]

Interesting Links, 2017-Feb-2

Life hack: Look before you paste because people can hide content from rendering in the browser. Pasting content to a command line can do some unexpected things. (From cheeser.) From whaley, who’s been on fire lately: Recipe for a great programmer. Great reading. More from cheeser, who is also on fire: InfoQ’s reference to Chaperone [...]

Interesting Links – 2017-jan-23

Is it me, or is it actually ironic that the website for Rome (a utility library for RSS) doesn’t have an associated RSS feed? The Log: What every software engineer should know about real-time data’s unifying abstraction, submitted by user whaley, is an excellently written article that discusses logs in the context of distributed systems [...]

EJB Injection in JSP with Java EE 7

User suexec asked ##java about accessing an EJB from a JSP template. User dreamreal (i.e., your author) put together a simple application (rather imaginatively called “suexec-war” ) to explore the possibilities. The application was built from Adam Bien‘s minimalistic Java EE 7 Maven archetype, deployed into Wildfly 10.0. It turns out that to the best [...]

Interesting Links – 18 Nov 2016

Today’s apparently a Microsoft edition of the interesting links! Almost everything relates back to them this time… From wyvern: “The Error Model” is an article discussing… exceptions. Exception handling and the “checked or unchecked” question is (still) controversial in Java; article provides some interesting context on error handling approaches, and explains how error handling evolved [...]

Interesting Links – 15 Nov 2016

Big news: JRebel 7 has been released, with a new agent enabling you to change class hierarchy and interface implementations on the fly. For Spring it now also supports reconfiguring dependency injection in non-singleton scoped beans. From Light Java, “JEE is dead.” Misses a lot of history – blames Java EE for WebLogic’s speed and [...]

Interesting Links – 8 Nov 2017

From ernimril: a video! CppCon 2016: Jason Turner “Rich Code for Tiny Computers: A Simple Commodore 64 Game in C++17” is an hour and twenty minutes of Jason Turner talking about writing a game for the Commodore 64 using, surprise, C++17 and translating to 6502 assembly. (Play at 1.25x speed to save some time – [...]